What Every American Must Know About Annuities

What Every American Must Know About Annuities

This guide covers the essentials about how annuities work before you buy.

If you’re confused about annuities – you’re not alone. These powerful retirement tools are one of the best ways to ensure a steady income stream in retirement, if you select the right one. We’ve assembled essentials you need to know about annuities in this easy-to-read resource guide.

This easy-to-understand guide separates fact from fiction about one of the most powerful and misunderstood retirement tools – annuities. Find out how the savviest Americans are using annuities to create income for their entire lives – and how one might fit into your best retirement plan.

If you’re serious about setting yourself up for a guaranteed income stream you can’t outlive – this is a must-read.

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  • How to use an annuity to secure your retirement
  • Questions most people forget to ask (but should) when buying an annuity
  • How to take advantage of tax code incentives when you purchase an annuity
  • How to determine which type of annuity is best suited for you and your unique requirements for retirement

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