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Younger Adults Buy Fixed Annuities, Too

An annuity agency executive was reviewing the average age of his firm’s fixed annuity buyers when he noticed a shift. There was a bump-up in buyers who were under age 50 when they bought their policies, Ken Nuss said. For instance, fixed index annuity (FIA) buyers in the “under-age-50” category represented 26 percent of his firm’s… Read more »

What Does the Fiduciary Rule Mean for Annuities?

The Department of Labor is expected to spend 2016 trying to get its fiduciary-only rule implemented before President Barack Obama leaves office. And annuities are right in the cross-hairs of the new rule. If it takes effect, the fiduciary standard would apply to anyone handling funds within a qualified retirement account. It would replace the… Read more »

Why Ken Fisher Loves to Hate Annuities

While an anti-annuity campaign is proving a lucrative source of business for one prominent advisor, retirement experts say his message is misleading and even harmful to the public. The name Ken Fisher is known from his nationwide “I Hate Annuities … And So Should You!” campaign. Fisher, who began the ad campaign in 2013, likens… Read more »

Babe Ruth Homers with Annuities

Babe Ruth retired amid the economic devastation wreaked by the Great Depression, but he had a secret weapon that allowed him to continue living a life of luxury until he died. The Babe had annuities, sold to him a few years into his career by an opposing ballplayer. And the guaranteed yearly payout guaranteed the… Read more »

100th Birthday – Are You Ready?

In the 2010 census report, more than 53,000 Americans were in their 100s – a 66 percent increase over 1980. While the total number of Americans increased 36 percent during the same timeframe, the rise of the centenarians cannot be denied. It takes money to live three to four decades in retirement – lots of… Read more »

Former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke Banks on Annuities

Ben Bernanke is a smart man. His resume includes colleges such as Princeton and Harvard, time on the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, and two terms as the chairman of the Federal Reserve System. Now the 61-year-old Bernanke is closing in on his golden years well-funded by his primary retirement vehicle: two annuities. He picked… Read more »

Beethoven: Saved by an Annuity

By 1808, the great German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was substantially deaf and nearing 40 years old, twilight years at the time. He was still Beethoven — the most influential musician by far during an era that bridged the classical and romantic ages. But reputation alone would not pay the bills. When the French called… Read more »

How a Professor’s Dad Saved His Golden Years

David Littell is an expert in retirement planning, but his father gave him real-life lessons by thriving financially into his centenarian years. Littell, 61, a professor at the American College of Financial Services, has planned meticulously for his remaining years. “My view of longevity is that I’m going to live forever,” Littell said, without a trace of… Read more »

You Are Likely to Live to 90+! Are You Ready?

If you are 65 today and practice good health habits, you can reasonably expect to enjoy a few more decades. New data from the Centers for Disease Control show remarkable gains in longevity that show no signs of abating. In a recent report, the CDC said life expectancy continues to expand by three months each… Read more »

Staying at Home, a Challenge for Seniors

Ask anyone approaching retirement age about their life goals and remaining in their home is likely to be near the top of the list. According to the most recent (April 2014) survey from the AARP, 87 percent of adults age 65 and older indicated they wanted to stay in their homes “for as long as… Read more »