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People Want Lifetime Income But Don’t Know Annuities

The annuity puzzle continues. Although 84 percent of Americans consider it important to have a guaranteed monthly paycheck in retirement, only 14 percent have purchased an annuity that will ensure lifetime income. This is according to the TIAA-CREF 2015 Lifetime Income Survey released this month. In addition, although 46 percent of Americans say they are… Read more »

Americans’ Top Retirement Fear – Outliving Income

WASHINGTON, July 19, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Research released today uncovers Americans’ top retirement fears, with 50 percent being most afraid of outliving their income or the inability to maintain their current lifestyle, and nearly 20 percent worried about having enough money to cover health care expenses. The new survey, released by the Indexed Annuity Leadership… Read more »

Do You Have Enough Money To Make Retirement Last?

Nearly half of all Americans 65 and older are living in or near poverty and the finances of all Americans become more vulnerable to health expenses the older they get. Health care needs are the great unknown for seniors and their finances. In fact, a group of federal agencies developed a Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM)… Read more »

What are your chances of running out of money at age 85?

I worked a general election as a poll worker. It’s a “job” I took on a few years ago to satisfy my curiosity about the election process, and make some bucks at the same time. After a couple of elections, they moved me to a polling place in a retirement community where staffing was low.… Read more »

What are Your Chances of Becoming a Burden to Your Children

Wealthy investors would much rather die alone than rely on their children for late-life care, according to a new UBS survey. Forty-two percent of respondents listed their biggest fear as “being a burden” on their family, while only 9 percent feared the opposite, “dying alone.” The fear is so great, the respondents said they planned… Read more »

What My Mother’s Passing Taught Me About Retirement Security

My mother died in early 2015. While watching her slowly fade away over her final months, I faced my own greatest fears of retirement. Actually, surveys confirm these are the biggest fears we all have: that retirement will be boring and short; that we’ll run out of money; and that our end-of-life care will be… Read more »

Ben Franklin’s Annuity Legacy

Benjamin Franklin was an extraordinary man – as important to the development of the United States as any single person. And when it came time to leave a monetary legacy to assist the young nation in its continued growth, Franklin chose annuities. Famously, Franklin gave the cities of Boston and Philadelphia an annuity in his… Read more »

Beethoven: Saved by an Annuity

By 1808, the great German composer Ludwig van Beethoven was substantially deaf and nearing 40 years old, twilight years at the time. He was still Beethoven — the most influential musician by far during an era that bridged the classical and romantic ages. But reputation alone would not pay the bills. When the French called… Read more »